Good run in the first stage!
Apr 29, 2019 / no comment
El Martillo Racing had a good day at the first stage of the 2019 Mexican 1000 Rally by NORRA, starting in The Pacific’s Cinderella, Ensenada, to finish in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico, on April 28th.
We did it: NORRA 2018 clear!
Apr 28, 2018 / no comment
For the 5th time, El Martillo Racing has accomplished to reach the finish line in the Mexican 1000 Rally by NORRA, Matt Campbell drove the final stage from La Paz to San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, to meet the checkers flag after over 1000 miles of off road racing across the awesome and gorgeous peninsula of Baja.
From 41st to 27th in the 4ths stage!
Apr 26, 2018 / no comment
Rody made an impressive job driving through “his backyard” in the 4ths stage of the Mexican 1000 Rally 2018 from Loreto to La Paz. After a rough day on stage three, the team finished in the 41st place to start way back behind in today’s stage… Rody drove again in the municipality where he grew up and where he has raced so many times in 15 years as a driver.