From 41st to 27th in the 4ths stage!
Apr 26, 2018 / no comment

Rody made an impressive job driving through “his backyard” in the 4ths stage of the Mexican 1000 Rally 2018 from Loreto to La Paz.

At the start line / En la línea de arranque

After a rough day on stage three, the team finished in the 41st place to start way back behind in today’s stage… Rody drove again in the municipality where he grew up and where he has raced so many times in 15 years as a driver.

After finishing the 1st special of the day / tras terminar la primera especial del día

“We started behind a bunch of UTV’s and we could not pass them for miles and miles”, Rody said after the 1st special stage of the day, where he got the 45th position overall. The 2nd special of the day went way better, they finished on the 9th position overall to finally finish the 3rd special stage of the day in the 8th place, a huge improvement putting the team back in the 27th position overall for the final day.

Action! Acción!

The great performance of Rody gives the team a fresh start for the 5th and final stage where Matt will take the car all the way to his backyard, as well as Nico’s and Robert’s playground to land in the finish line just a mile from Casa Martillo, in San Jose Del Cabo, Los Cabos…

Rody interviewed at the finish line / Rody entrevistado en la línea de meta

The 5th stage will start right by the beautiful malecon of La Paz in between the streets of Marquez de Leon and Allende, and will be a special surprise stage with lots of navigation, according to the NORRA officers’ information, provided at the drivers meeting last Saturday in the Riviera Del Pacifico Cultural Center, in Ensenada.

Nico gave away some t-shirts in La Paz / Nico regaló algunas playeras en La Paz

The experience of Nico after two Dakars of full navigation without GPS, gives the team a good gap to handle the last stage and attempt to finish for the 5th time (2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017) the 1000 miles of “the happiest race on earth”.

Harry, one of our very to fans reached us in La Paz / Harry, uno de nuestros mayores fans, nos encontró en La Paz

Tomorrow we’ll have a decent internet coverage along the way and we’ll be able to keep you guys updated of what’s going on with El Martillo all the way to the checkers flag at the Mijares Square downtown San Jose… keep up cheering us!

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