Safe and sound in Loreto
Apr 25, 2018 / no comment

The 3rd stage had some surprises for El Martillo Racing in the longest day of the entire rally.

Matt got the green flag in BoLA to start the 3rd competition day. After a few of the 170 miles of the 1st special of the day, the front right spindle bolt broke almost losing the tire. Fortunately, the incident was not as bad as it could’ve been.

Matt, Nico and Robert before the green flag in BoLA / Matt, Nico y Robert antes del banderazo verde en BdLA

Nico and Robert used their skills to temporarily fix the problem in one hour, a great job to get the car moving to the team’s pit. Also they had to cross some difficult sections: “The silk beds of the first special were awful, even eviler than how they looked in the last Baja 1000”, Robert said.

Nico and Robert working in the bush…/ Nico y Robert trabajando en la brecha…

The pit crew and chase trucks were awaiting for the race car to show up in the gas station south from Vizcaino, where the car finally showed up around 3:00 pm. Matt: “Nico and Robert made a great job, it was just an hour, but we got passed by many cars including some UTVs… When we were back, there was lots of dust!”.

The silk beds were nasty! / Los talcos estaban malísimos!

One of the lines of the breaks was also damaged and Nico decided to replace the caliper to be safe and get back to the race… At that point the team still had another 177 miles ahead, and Rody took the car from there to finish the longest and so far toughest stage of this year’s race.

The spindle bolt / El tornillo de la espiga

Rody had no problems but they stopped to help another team that rolled over very bad… Always the safety of the drivers and co-racers will be a priority for El Martillo Racing… Once they got sure the other team drivers were safe, they continued to the finish line… After the tough day, the team is placed 69th overall and 9th in class.

Replacing the caliper / Reemplazando el caliper

Tomorrow for the 4th stage from Loreto to La Paz, Rody will be driving again around “his backyard” and we are sure he’ll have a good performance in the way to La Paz.

Rody drove the 2nd part today and will drive the 4th stage from Loreto to La Paz / Rody menejó la 2da etapa especial de hoy y manejará la 4ta etapa de Loreto a La Paz

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