Successful testing of the El Martillo Racing’s Dodge Durango
Dec 8, 2013 / 4 Comments

On December 2nd, Matt Campbell and El Martillo Racing received the Dodge Durango which they will be entering into the 2014 edition of the Dakar Rally. The team will represent Canada, Mexico and the USA. With Luis “Fito” Ramirez (2nd driver) and Nicolas Ambriz (Navigator) and other team members standing by, the car was delivered by Mike Julson of Jimco Racing Inc. All were impressed by the quality of workmanship and technology.

The Durango is built from the ground up in San Diego for this the 6th South American running of the Dakar. It represents a collaboration of the best chassis builder, tested components and carbon fiber technology.

On the morning of December 3rd the El Martillo Team took the new Durango to Plaster City, California for initial testing. Representatives from the shock, electronic/electrical and engine companies came with the team to fine tune the car and at 10:00 AM the car started and the test began. Matt Campbell took the first test run and was exceptionally pleased with the Durango. The suspension worked extremely well and the car was balanced and powerful.

The day was spent fine tuning the Durango and ensuring the use and adjustment of all the electronic components, setting speed limiters, distance and heading components and the functioning of the ECU. After the electronics, the team, with the help of the factory shock representative, set the suspension for the local conditions. As the Durango has a large fuel capacity, care was taken to assess the changing weight conditions through a day’s race. The staff of Jimco Racing was on hand to lend their expertise to the days’ activities.

The second day of testing was held in the Imperial Dunes near Glamis, California, with the full complement of technicians to assess and adjust the Durango. A successful session was held in the large sand dunes where the car proved its ability to climb the large dunes and maneuver in the sand. These dunes replicate the conditions we will find on the Dakar 2014 route so it was important to complete testing and adjust the car to those conditions.

The Durango was then returned to Jimco Racing for final adjustments and pre-race prep. There the car will go through final preparation and testing. On December 13 through 15th the Durango will be on display at Carl Burger Dodge in La Mesa California.

Moro photos here:

El Martillo Racing, Dodge Durango Tech aspects:

1. Chrome Moly Chassis by Jimco, wheelbase 128, width 93
2. Carbon Fiber and Kevlar Body, custom CAD design
3. Engine, 7.6 liter, 463 cu. inch, RHS Block by Redline Motors
4. Stainless Steel headers and exhaust
5. 140 gallons fuel, range 550 miles
6. Intake restrictor 37.2 mm or 1.46 inches, by comparison normal intake is 90 to 120 mm.
7. Motec ignition
8. Motec PDM
9. Wiring by Wirefab
10. PCI Intercom, 3 station
11. HID Lights
12. Albins, 6 speed sequential transmission
13. Air Conditioned
14. Navigation, 2 GPS’s, 2 Terra Trip distance calculators
15. Car built and tagged to SCORE standards and FIA safety Equipment
16. Sentinel communication system and proximity alarm
17. BFG, KR2 Off-Road tires. 37” x 12.5” R17
18. Method 17” x 7.5” Bead Lock Wheels
19. Integral AGM hydraulic jacking system
20. Front Hubs, Pro Am
21. Rear Hubs, Fortin
22. Brakes, Alcon 13” Disk,
23. Rear Suspension, trailing arm
a. Fox, remote/piggy back reservoir 4 by-pass shocks 180 psi
b. Fox, dual rate, remote reservoir, coil over shocks 180 psi
c. Sway bars
24. Front Suspension, A-Arm
a. Fox, remote/piggy back reservoir 5 by-pass shocks 180 psi
b. Fox, dual rate, remote reservoir, coil over shocks 180 psi
c. Sway bars

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